The art of exploring freedom.

Alan Fletcher was a well known British graphic designer, with a legacy that continues to be alive until this day, even after his death in 2006.
Art of Looking Sideways is a big and heavy book that I’ve bought a couple of years ago, and it’s full of creativity. Its a mesmerizing artefact that can inspires you and even help you to break any personal creative block that might arise sometimes if you’re an artist or designer.

The object itself it's absolutely interesting. Fletcher created an artefact that compels a lot of different thoughts and visually strong images. The way he explored the use of typefaces, images, and messages let your eye admiring all the unique pages, because Alan Fletcher thought and consequently designed for each of the different contexts addressed in his book. The content is made of random texts and anecdotes, there’s not even an evident logic behind it, or some sort of chronology, an order. So some of the information inside this object might be useful and useless, depending of the value and subjects that you - as a reader - might find interesting or relevant. In general, some of the notes (Fletcher's references) bring some reflection to the table.

At the end, we got something like a journal of Alan Fletcher’s. Breaking with rules, traditional concepts, or any canons of what normally makes a definition of type of 'books'. And I believe that this miscellaneous of ingredients make this artefact an interesting piece of art. It brings a sensation of freedom and exploration.

Art of Looking Sideways is a window where there’s no limits for creativity. It’s historical. A personal compendium of visual language. It’s art and design merged together in one world.

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