Finding a job abroad.

In the last couple of days I have been going through a tough process: finding a job. I don’t know in your work-area, but in design the process is quite rough, and I don’t turn it easier. There’s a lot happening: studios normally have small teams and it’s hard for them to hire someone because of the small revenues when comparing with agencies. And agencies are more focus on advertising, most of them do bad adverting, and that’s why you have the special ones on the other hand, which reflect best, proven effective, and creative works! Here's my approach: I evaluate the best ones and then I send my portfolio and cv. With this in mind and practice, the persistence and confidence are a great big key. There’s a lot more that I can say in why it is so tough but that’s not the core of this post.

This process can lead very often to things like: losing hope, being afraid of, impacience, and even internal big questions. Because it’s not a matter of being bad or good, but it’s a lot a matter of chance. So have in mind that sometimes, it’s harder to find a job abroad for the following reasons:

  1. Language (writing and spoken) - Even though we are more connected, not all companies are confortable by using english in their day by day work. Essentially when the team are mostly made of natives. And neither clients have the obligation to adapt to your limitation. Fact is you will have trouble finding a job or a well-paid job if you don’t speak the local language.
  2. Visa/Documentation - Depending of where you want to go, you might need a Visa permission before all. For instance, in some countries like South Korea, it’s required tons of certified documentation and legal paperwork in order to be accepted into the country. And you also have blood tests (which if you failed, they would send you home again).
  3. Email readed, answered, and not spam - trust me, there’s to many people trying to find a position. And to many clients. Your email can be seen like spam - depending on how you write it. After sending it, it’s a matter of time. I’ve learn that the best hour it’s in the morning or during lunch (always before the starting work hour).
  4. Open positions for you - Not having a open position but being able to get on board, it’s like a miracle! Mainly in the type of business where the cash flow is not something special.
  5. Salaries - South countries have less income. So it’s important that you have the right conditions: enough to live independently, some for extras, and have another amount saved (life income-savings).
  6. Culture (country and work) - If you feel it’s not your place to be, don’t even try. Take also attention to the political climate and if the country is open to foreign labor.
  7. The interview - You might not be alone if you reach this stage. So be confident, be clear, take delight in the time, and have a great chat.

If you pass all those stages, congratulations! Now it’s comes the second phase, which it’s hard too but you will enjoy the ride and the unique experience - of a lifetime! And trust me, you are the best and you have lots of courage. There’s way more sacrifice on going abroad than if you just stay in your own country. But as it is a big challenge to move outside your confort zone, as is the experience way more interesting and personal revenues.

Succeed is all about not giving up and being highly persistent.

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