Deciphering the future of art and design.

The Royal College of Art - which is one of the most prestigious schools in art and design - are changing by expanding its curriculum! Science and technology get together to inspire the future of designers.

If I start to tell what the future is, I will talk about a present that some of us keep denying or seeing as a grown industry. The augmented reality, the virtual reality, the artificial intelligence, the machine learning, and much more. I also had the chance to speak about the Education 4.0 in this blog and the fact that we are not, yet, adopting. The RCA just came forward this year, to announce what they were already telling and investing “this is the future, we are the future!”. Well they are.

I keep on telling that, if you don’t see something, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. And as a curious and passionate about what’s going around, the trending, etcetera, I can affirm one fact: some companies are moving, and you see it, by investing in new roles and positions that we never heard before!

Markets change, big brands fight for disruptive work and to stand out from the crowds. And when the markets are starving to get specific services and projects, you better have it.
Big demand, high value! Evolution is answering to something new until it becomes old.

The future is starting now!

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