Basic dont's. Easy crash.

6 things I want to share. 6 things for your workplace.

Your company might be a nacional award company. It doesn’t mean that it’s a great place to work in. Sorry. Basic.

It’s seems that sometimes, there’s a lack of comprehension when we’re talking about the way you communicate with others. And the number one rule is forbidden: Companies are made of people!
And people are made of feelings, positive and negatives, with good and bad days. Basic.

So far, I’ve worked as a designer in 4 different types of companies. And I saw some sort of bullying mainly in one or two. It doesn’t necessarily means that it happened with me. But I saw it, so I experienced! And as soon I saw it, I’ve started to always see things differently and connecting way more with some others trying to understand the environment or even support the ones bullied. As a top leader in your company, that’s your job. Basic.

In a company, they are all partners! And if not, trust me sir, you have a great place to not work in and maybe… a childlike place. Maybe it's time for you to shift up the gear. Basic. Basics:

  1. Do not exaggerate with your co-worker! You have or you are a team. Which means everyone might play a different role, but the end goal is still the same. If you’re older in your company, you can’t commit the same mistakes as the new one that just came in. Mistakes might happened, more than one, two, or three times! Besides the experience of someone, a new start is always tough and as everything in life: everything takes time!

  2. Do not humiliate. This point is easy and a basic rule: you want to speak in a serious manner to someone? So don’t do it in front of the others and don’t scream, a team is not a set of crazy fans in a stadium and doesn’t play outside the field! Pressure isn’t healthy, neither being a jerk. Be professional!

  3. Offer real promises. If you can’t committed, just be quiet. If you are a boss and you can’t act like one, caring about your employees and creating solutions, providing work conditions, it’s because something goes wrong with you.

  4. Integrate! The one that arrived “newbi” is the one who must be integrated, not the other way around. Everyone is different, which means that you have different personalities. Some are more open, some are more shy. Integrate. It’s easy, and you don’t need to have a lot of experience (I… guess)!

  5. Create technical conditions ( do I necessarily need to write about it? Well, okay my friend, if you are in the front line, listen (and to complains too). Yes, conditions must be a promise! Some issues have a simple solution. And it’s not your employee who needs to tell you how to fix a damn thing… or to solve it! Have a look around your workspace and ensure them.

  6. Don’t compare yourself to SuperMan. If you want to call the attention, just-don’t-compare yourself. Real leaders don't need to ask for spotlights. Don’t tell you are the best. Don’t say you did way more than others. Don’t say that you are faster. Don't tell everyone that the success of the company was made because of you, mainly if you assume yourself as a… ‘director’ of some sort of title. Less crap ego and be humble!


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