Hey! A new Machine, old man!

Ring ring! Round 1.
Technology is evolving at a crazy pace! 

And it’s hard for you to talk about design without talking about technology's past and future. We use computers and software more than ever and digital is taking a huge role in how we do design today. Things get more viral online and that’s one of the ways of how you must always think when you talk about communication. There’s a lot changing out there, cities around the globe are following the hub of NY City, with JCDecaux and other companies focus on installing digital outdoor screens. And you have clients - yes, those crazy fools - they pretend to have videos and websites and strategies and everything else when you are creating their visuals, their brands. Oh! Plus and just between us: “logo" is no longer a no-service that you deliver.

Uf! Round 2
Decades turns to New needs.

You don’t need to go far to find out how the design evolved radically. It’s hard to sustain a design company that doesn’t have the proper services slash answer for clients. Digital departments are so 2000 - a must have in your company or you might have died already - and if after 2010 you don’t have the right answer to provide the best strategies for the brands (and your company), you might be faaalli i i in n ng apart.
I believe to be possible - now - to see the horizon: 2020 seems to be promising, bright and more complex (or broad), competitive slash hard as hell with the decade of the algorithms! And if you are a designer you better have a clue about that, think ahead, because it’s time to push your boundaries or you will be like a shipwrecked. And I know, there’s not an Education 4.0 and this, with the evolution of technology, this sir, is a huge problem!

Competition grew way more in the last decade than in the last century and the curious fact: like technology did! Today the average life expectancy of an enterprise is shorter (#factcheck) and the only way to resist is by promoting and finding new super creatives ways of selling your product. As always, communication must reach the masses and you can find them behind the screens.

Ring Ring Ring Ring! Round 3

But what happens if you stay forever in your comfort zone? 
Well, you are creating a confront in the future and with the future.

At a short time (first seconds) I would take the risk and assume saying ‘nothing’ because it seems that education, in most places, is not following - yet - by the demand of enterprises and societies. But that doesn’t mean that some schools are not working and creating the right guys now, because the fact is you can see them already working for the greatest brands with their knowledge in data processing and automated reasoning tasks. 
To be clear: if you have 30-35 years old and you’re not way better than the graduate guy, you might be in trouble. Here’s a safe note: if you are the best in doing and selling your work, in editorial design, branding design, etcetera you might not find a lot of problems in the coming future. So a good option is to dig deeper and find which is your specific - and maybe - only love.

By that saying, click here to check out the great work of the fantastic agency Landor (and this is free publicity)!

Meanwhile - and what a coincidence - I found a video of Landor's CEO Jane Geraghty about the digital transformation after writing this article. I’m posting these here which I believe to add more substance to this subject.

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