6 Great Books I Read in 2017.

In 2017 I bought and read many books - some that have inspired me, informed, encouraged me and sparked new ways of thinking. A good book can teach you something new or take you on an adventure. It can expand your worldview. If you are looking for something to read next year and you want to take my advice, here are some of the thought-provoking books that enriched my life.

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho - I already wrote about this book. It's a fantastic story of a young shepherd that takes risks in order to reach his goal. It's a truly inspired parable, easy and fast reading. I'm sure you will enjoy.

Thinking Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman - This was a really enthusiastic book. The book will demonstrate from A to Z how our mind works while we do judgments and decision-making. The author talks about scientific facts, using psychological discoveries made in the last decades. It's a book to read again after finished. I'm sure you will take several notes and change your mind.

Einstein, His Life and Universe, by Walter Isaacson - A open window to Einstein's life and mind. This is one of some others great biographies that were written by W.Isaacson about a legendary man that changed the world. 

Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill - I took hundreds of notes from this incredible book. This artifact it's a work of years made by facts. I believe it presents most of the formula to achieve success. After reading it, have a look from time to time. Another note: I got the edition of Capstone, which is really good.

Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman - The coefficient of intelligence does not dictate our success. In fact, psychological studies demonstrate that the EQ is way more essential if you want to go further in life. This is also a really interesting book.

Made In North Korea: Graphics From Everyday Life in the DPRK, by Nick Bonner - Another great book from Phaidon launched this year. This one is definitely a must if you are a designer. And the reason is super simple: it's an authentic archive of some graphic design works from the most curious country in this world, a country with borders closed. A relic, simple and beautifully designed.

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