Conformist or Nonconformist?

When I was in Malta, something came to my mind; during some thoughts and observations a word just pop-up: conformism. Seems like we live in a world full of conformism. And you can prove! 

So I have a task for you, and if you are really curious, open both eyes and see by yourself. Just do a break after reading this, go outside, listen and observe. Maybe even at your workplace, visualize without doing hard judgements! By doing this, you will even realize that you have a superpower to analyze and create interpretations about your surroundings, a more precise and accurate about society. Or you can take the following example. Some people are okay with having a coffee a bit colder than usual, and so they don't complain. Some others complain and ask for what must be right and what they deserve. Some people are okay by doing a work which doesn't make them happy and fulfilled, some others don't and soon they need to feel that they are improving the company and themselves! Some other people are okay with not being completely healthy, some others don't and even change their habits to be healthier.
Soon you will get to a conclusion we all know: people just don't care about some matters. People just conform themselves by not knowing about some subjects or even by ignoring them. So we all might be conformists! Some, more than others. But that's not all.

Recently I am going deeper into this reflection and wondering if conformism is bad since in a lot of matters conformist can look like a twin brother of tolerance. And if they really are from the same family, maybe conformist is not that bad. In fact, when we bring happiness to the equation, you obtain a much more positive result by adding 'conformism'. The more conformist you are, the happier you are. But why?! Because a non-conformist have a problem that takes a lot of mental energy, which is: they think too much and they are never truly happier with their life situation.

Then I do think we can go further in this discussion if we start to identify and take some groups of the society. For instance, I can imagine that artists and entrepreneurs and leaders of teams tend to be more non-conformist people at work. They need to, and you can guess why!

I also figured out, that if you feel you're going lost in life, you might be a strong non-conformist. Because you're trying to understand your purpose! But wait, that's not bad! Questioning your way, where you are, where to go it's a good point. You want to see improvement! Life! And there's more in life than just following the systems and evident ways and paths of society. Imagine for instance if the great leaders - some initially financially pours - were like most of all. They wouldn't care too much about present situations and future.

The fact is: the world needs you and all of us. People that want to create something new, and people that help to create the something new! If you identify yourself as a strong non-conformist, just don't feel bad! Keep moving, keep fighting, keep experimenting, keep trying to reach your goals. Things are not going to work 100% of all the time. If you do something, then something is produced. But if not, nothing will be produced. And that's simply the law of cause and effect.

Recently I found a book related to this subject, written by Adam M. Glant by the name "Originals: How Non-Conformist Move The World". So if you have the time and if you want to explore more about this subject, this can be a good choice. More we have to say about this versus, for instance, we can create distinctions inside both terms by bringing health, happiness levels (as I quickly mention before), procrastination, and so on to this conversation.

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