What books to read?

What books should I need to read? Which books can improve my life?

The answer to those two questions can be easily found in yourself. Discovering what you want to do with your own present time and future time is important for this decision. Personally, I think the more useful books are those related with self-development. Those who can improve yourself in some kind of way. And even some biographical books or those related to your own professional area of interest can be a good reference. I'm not properly saying that a fiction book, sci-fi or whatsoever is a bad book! But maybe it's not the best option or way to use your time, despite the fact that it triggers your imagination and probably improves your creativity, but nothing else. For instance, I do think that we can learn way more from masters than from authors of romances. In my point of view, the real worst waste of time you can have is when you watch some television shows, like novels, entertaining, drama episodes et cetera, instead of reading. Television can boost your humour and distract you from negative thoughts, but at the end of the day: they solve nothing and they waste most of your time.

After school, some people just stop learning new stuff and most of us start to follow only what some others tell us to do and the culture of the enterprises and some other rules; an input that we got from school too. But life is a journey where you must always try to learn the maximum you can! So my question is: what are we learning right now? If you read Steven Johnson's book "Where Good Idea Comes From", he said that the world is evolving so fast and changing, and so everything you learned basically becomes outdated by 20%. As a result, part of what you know in every 5 years (approximately), it doesn't work anymore.

If you want to start reading but you are not so motivated, you can take my vision. I always thought to myself that some books are cheap and full of valuable information and they just fuel a sense of curiosity about the world. Some of them are the dedication, full studies, passion and a tremendous work of people that change the world by analyzing many factual data. The data that you probably don't know or data you think you know by seeming to logical for you but before reading you might not even think about it, and at the end of the day... you don't really know about it. So if you can learn today, what are you waiting for?! Take in mind that some books are the legacy of people that really did something in life and they are sharing some incredible information for you to use at your daily basis. Learn with those who might know more than you. And by knowing all those compounds and think about your time and goals in life, you might end up finding the right books just by doing a research in the categories you need and you desire. Books can teach you something new and reinforce your thoughts or let you see things differently. Just take action and start reading, you will get better. Knowledge and education are secrets to succeed in life.

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