Steve Paul Jobs.

I'm a fan of Apple, but mainly, I'm a big fan of Steve Jobs.
I probably saw everything about Jobs, news, documentaries, the so highly recommended and classic film "The Pirates of Silicon Valley" from 1990, the fantastic "Jobs" with Ashton Kutcher and the most recent "Steve Jobs" from the director Danny Boyle. Last year I start with iCon by Jeffrey S. Young and William L. Simon. This book was first published in 2005 so as you might imagine, the very end of Jobs's life is not presented. But I must confess, none of the movies mentioned above explains so well the life of Steve as this book, mainly, his remarkable achievements.

My admiration for Jobs comes from the fact that this man was probably one of the most fantastic leaders in the human history, a true marketer, and the most influent man in the tech industry. For Apple and for the world, he understood that to make a difference he had to connect creativity, design, and technology together. That's why you got Apple. He was a fantastic dreamer, truly passionate and with an incredible dedication to work. The most incredible about his life, was his legacy. People just see Jobs as the man of Apple, but what they don't know or might forget is the fact that this man was also the leader of NEXT and Pixar! Yes, Pixar, which launched Toy Story, Monsters and Company, and so many others while under Jobs leadership. So as you might imagine, this is a fantastic open door to the backstage of Jobs's professional life.

Why a biography and then why this book? Well, I think we all learn by creating and by osmosis. We learn by our surroundings, and we are influenced by what we see and by people that are next to us to tell us their stories. There's a proverb in Portuguese which says literally "tell me about your friends and I'll tell you who you are.". More than a proverb it's already proven as a fact; you are influenced by your surroundings. And so, if you want to learn something else, something more, fast and easily, you might take a look to those who succeed in life, because even Napoleon Hill can prove you from A to Z in his 25 years of research and work, that there are many points in common between succeeding people. All points or better say, attributes, are connected and the same! If you ask me about the difference because you believe in different stories - and you're right - I'll tell you: their moments and times only. Yes, their story. That said, you can follow them, by not trying to recreate their story and paths, but by using their attributes to your personality and life. Plus... knowing their failures is one of the best things you can know too. So by reading iCon, I'm sure you will learn a lot about Jobs life and you will get inspired and fascinated by one of the men that changed the world as we know.

What is also interesting about this book is the fact that this is a non-authorized biography contrarily to the one called "Jobs" by the so well known Walter Isaacson. The biography made by Walter is different in essentially two aspects: it had the direct contribution of Jobs - but apparently, Jobs asked no control - and it's a more recent work. By getting one or other or both biographies, you will always have, and for sure, a good reference book.

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