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A couple of months ago, in a conversation with a friend, I was thinking about the future of technology. How technology has been improving so far and so fast! And the thing is, artificial intelligence is not left behind. It's quite scared, in fact, to think how A.I. is getting each day much better, showing big improvements and by getting more people investing time and money in this field. And it's not something that will only invade considerably our lives in a long-term future. Markets and companies are demanding innovation and technology more than ever and Moore's law is real! Technology is getting considerably better each year.
We all know that A.I. is already beating humans and learning alone; for instance in the gaming industry or even in the car industry by anticipating others drivers and cars reactions faster than humans can do. So I will not be impressed to see much more coming from robots. I even do think, that it's going to be inevitable not living with this kind of technology. And by talking about machines with some intelligence we are not talking about the old ones - statics and obstructive - controlled easily by us, so the way we see and approached this subject must be different and taking seriously. Sooner than we might expect, A.I. can beat us more by taking jobs (besides the fact that others are being created by their future existence), but we never know if a revolution might come. History has already shown us one industrial revolution.
More than just developing A.I. we should be able to create A.I. safety procedures since we can reach catastrophic events. And then, we can create some regulations yes, but if you ask me... I don't think this going to be the real best solution at all.

How can we live with super artificial intelligence?

So back in that day, in the conversation with my friend, I said: in my opinion, to beat or live with the artificial intelligence we need to learn more, to be faster, to be stronger with more control in our thoughts and emotions, and also by retaining more data.
The question was simply how can we do that? And how come? Maybe, by working with nanotechnology. By inventing something which can provide us more brain power, knowledge, and all this maybe by injecting directly into our brain a lot of valuable data; since it is not new that we are already working with external elements which, by the use of brain power, can create actions and control other external elements without being necessary physical-body interaction.
That's when I heard about Neuralink, a startup founded by the entrepreneur and visionary Elon Musk (just a note: there are some job positions at Neuralink right now, click the link and take a look).
Musk is well self-awareness about this subject too. What is most incredible, is by knowing the fact that this man works with A.I. But what is Neuralink? Neuralink is a company that want to merge human brains with machines by developing self-evolving technology; pretends to give humans an A.I. layer, and by the words of Elon Musk "if you think you've got your limbic system, your cortex and then a digital layer - sort of a third layer above the cortex could work well and symbiotically with you - you can have more power than any human 20 years ago." that's real evolution and I personally think we need this sort of improvement since technology continues to accelerate so much and so fast, while human nature doesn't. And then it will be great since we want to do things faster and easier, as sending emails for instance. Writing by touch screen will be probably a thing of the past, the same way it was to compose things only by hand. Our evolution in all history shows us and brings us to a point where we find ourselves with our six senses less accurate. The scenario might change with artificial intelligence.

Neurolace, the interface.

I was maybe wrong when I imagine that we would be linked or improved with A.I. by a necessary surgical process, not remembering about all the recent improvements of nanotechnology. Elon Musk spoke about Neurolace, an interface which connects directly and particularly with your cortical neurons, using veins and arteries as a good roadway to all of your neurons. Here we have some of the power of neurotechnology! This might be able to improve the way our muscles work and most incredible, the way we can have more knowledge by injecting and collecting a huge amount of data. By reaching this point, we are reaching super A.I. and we will get more use of the word 'cyborg'.

Today, more than ever, we are arriving at a point where the future is now! In just a few hours, Audi makes a new TV advert referring artificial intelligence as "the real thing" of their new A8 car. Design and performance will not be alone on the list of marketing key-gold words. And the United States of America approved the use of a digital pill with a built-in sensor the size of a grain of sand (AbilifyMyCite). Companies are also using more and more A.I. for the internet.
Our biggest challenge will be to live with super artificial intelligence since it will require us to improve ourselves more than ever.
I hope to do a review of two well-known books about this subject, one called "SuperIntelligence" by the Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom and "Sapiens: A brief history of humankind" by Noah Yuval Harari. I think both can be a very good read for you if you are interested in this subject.


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