Artificial Intelligence and Creativity

Artificial intelligence is something that starts to call for my attention and curiosity. One day in Malta, when my brother came to visit me, we start to talk about A.I. since he's a big fan of technology. Among most of the things we spoke and agree, there was particularly one that I was trying to neglect "A.I. will take over of most things, even the creative fields.". That's a long vision of the future, but it can be true. But one question was: can robots be creative? Can they, for instance, substitute artists and designers? I said no, by defending the actual fact: A.I. don't have emotions and emotions are needed for the creation of art!

But being creative doesn't need one to be emotional. And so the conversations between artificial intelligence and the creative fields just stopped because there is not a lot to say about it since the technology in question doesn't exist yet. At the time, that's what we thought.

Blaise Aguera y Arcas will show you the opposite. Machines can be creative. And he demonstrates that by bringing to the discussion a very interesting conversation about algorithms, perception, creativity. In fact, for me the results are simply fantastic, blow mind actually. For now, it's difficult to imagine a robot being an artist since creativity doesn't need to be necessarily attached to art. But I would not be surprised to see one day some engineers talking and changing the meaning of (true) art.

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